Research Institute
Research Institute

The research institute has been authenticated from Korea Industrial Technology Association as an affiliated institute to the company in 1994.

We are concentrating upon research by belief that 'create existence in nothingness' on over all stages from analysis of raw aterial, maximize the efficiency of production procedure and technique development to new product development.

We accelerate on special research to have comprehensive and intensive research on field of auto-parts (bushing), that applies friction.

The institute will do our best to show the best quality and technical improvement.

• Location : 42-3 Munpyong-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon
• Phone : +82-42-933-6011~5
• FAX : +82-42-933-6010

Research Result
• Developed bonding technique of ceramic turbocharger rota ( July 1997)
• Manufactured and developed valve housing by friction welding technic
  (August 1997)
• Developed cermic-metal complex for large diesel engine. (December 1997)

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306-220 42-3, Munpyung-Dong, Daedeok-Gu, Daejeon, Korea TEL : +82-42-933-6011~5 FAX : +82-42-933-6010